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tired but doing better

I lost a post, it said it saved but will be damned if I can find anything resembling a lost draft. I was really pissed about it, nothing is easy ya know. maybe its better its gone, it was a serious ra...... Read More
Posted 37 minutes ago by 4lorac323

ArcaMax Joke

Teenage Driver I decided to stop worrying about my teenage son's driving and take advantage of it. I got one of those bumper stickers that say, "How's my driving?" and put a 900...... Read More
Posted 52 minutes ago by BrotherDocs

Bible Brain Washing Again

Christian Schools Like Karen Pence's Are The Real Threat To Academic Freedom David Perry, Opinion Sun, Jan 20 7:00 AM EST Last week, the “second lady” of the United States, Karen Pen...... Read More
Posted 2 hours ago by smfmystery


I've read somewhere that the probability of being born is approximately one in four hundred trillion. A Buddhist teaching analogy is this world being completely covered by an ocean of water being...... Read More
Posted 3 hours ago by beingnobody

The Electric Koolaid Acid Test + Free Shipping!

Does anyone remember that book? I remember reading that book back in the late 80’s to early 90’s and I absolutely loved the book! Read More
Posted 3 hours ago by blogmom

Blake Shelton...Lonely Tonight

He was gone when I got home, and that was the plan. Finding him gone. He wrote me a letter, an actual handwritten letter, three pages long. was written on the small yellow pads, like the bi...... Read More
Posted 4 hours ago by bluesonrisas

impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impeach impe

ATTENTION: beingnobody & Vic aka scenesfromtheleft... CNN, MSNBC Mention Impeachment 222 in 1 Day This is the crazy ass shit you do every day...... Read More
Posted 5 hours ago by OpinionNateTed

FBI LawyerInvolved in Crooked fisa Warrant

Former top FBI lawyer personally involved in FISA warrant for Trump aide, other Russia probe irregularities, transcript shows Catherine Herridge By Catherine Herridge | Fox News Former FBI lawyer Jame...... Read More
Posted 5 hours ago by us2nomads

A Moderate Point of View: Senator Jon Tester on the Shutdown! Whether you agree with his Politics or not, he has this one right! (Video)

PERSONAL OPINION/COMMENTARY: Senator Jon Tester took to the Senate Floor last week to talk about the Shutdown, and whether you agree with his politics or not....if you listen to his entire speech (10...... Read More
Posted 6 hours ago by AMODPOVW

The Fake MAGA Kid Bullies Native American Scandel

The Fake ‘MAGA Kid Bullies Native American’ Scandal Should Be a Wake-up Call for the Media The canard of the Covington High School kids bullying Native American Nathan Phillips continues t...... Read More
Posted 7 hours ago by ZenofKen

Good Night!

Time to say good night! Back tomorrow. God Bless...... Read More
Posted 7 hours ago by ellie1142545

Heroism is a Mindset, Not a Moment

Heroism is a Mindset, Not a Moment An Introduction to the Live The Hero Philosophy January 2, 2019 by Anthony Simeone Heroism is a mindset, not a moment. You don’t have to wait for a once-in-a-l...... Read More
Posted 8 hours ago by ceilede

Are you a pop/caramel or a candied/soda person?

Or maybe you're mixed? I'm sure some of you caught the pop soda part of that as being the old saying that if you live East of the Mississippi River you say 'pop' for soda pop, and...... Read More
Posted 11 hours ago by sfeastbay

A New Day Dawned

And here I am still in one piece aches, pains and all. Tough nights make for a bit of crabbiness today. Coffee will make it better I hope... I was wondering if it is me or the chef, but has anyone EVE...... Read More
Posted 13 hours ago by tesstruhartz1

Latest From The Swamp State

I'm so bored with this merry go round routine where we get an insignificant reduction in swamp activity and it takes like a year for anyone to notice. If I have to wait several months for Trump...... Read More
Posted 15 hours ago by MaxLiberty

Manila/China - September 2018 - Villa Escudero Plantation Resort - The Restaurants

There are two restaurants and a coffee shop at this resort. During the day tourists visit the Waterfall Restaurant because it's a famous novelty and people are happy to drive a couple of hours to...... Read More
Posted 15 hours ago by Maria

Monday Music ...

Well, this is different...... Read More
Posted 15 hours ago by elmo194855

Monday's Thoughts

It's unfortunate the Indigenous Peoples' March came at the same time as the anti-abortion rally. (I have to wonder what kind of idiots are planning these things.) Anyway, we reap what we sow...... Read More
Posted 15 hours ago by AmalaTsering

Winter is here!!!

Posted 16 hours ago by Jollyonehere

Your Monday Moaner

This is a photo post containing 1 photo... Read More
Posted 17 hours ago by ricciw55

You Know It's Cold Outside When You Go Outside And It's Cold.

Greetings from the woman with an ice cicle hanging from her nose. My phone (which is very knowledgeable) just informed me that it's 0 degrees this morning in my neck of the woods. It's the...... Read More
Posted 18 hours ago by MidwesternShenanigans

Never Before

Never Before - Nothing more to say when treason may be involved...... Read More
Posted 19 hours ago by udontsay

The Upside - A Movie Review

The Upside - A Movie Review.Sometimes the best way to go into a film is to not expect anything much from the storyline and then be pleasantly surprised. Kevin Hart steps aside from his comedic style...... Read More
Posted 20 hours ago by Thewritertwo

Response to smfmystery Part 2

This is a response to more of what smfmystery had written; his comments are in black, mine are in red ! I only copied the first paragraph you see posted above from Yahoo News. The remainder is my own...... Read More
Posted 24 hours ago by tjdonegan

Boring, So Please Don't Feel You Have To Read.

I hope everyone is well and happy this Monday down under, as for me, well I don't know what is going on with me, except to say I am feeling one sick lil old chook, I've no idea what is wrong...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by Shaunepawn

OSL - What a Wicked World

Oh what a wicked world it is Oh yea, it is such shit And if it wasn't quite so shit I wouldn't care a bit William Shakespeare, Sonnet 544 Sad poetry today as things went super horribly wrong...... Read More
Posted 1 day ago by Oakie2012

This is my name.

My name is Good Boy. Please tell me the name/s of your cat/s...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by ActionTime

Quilt Pics!

So, here we go, Pics of my crazy quilt in the works... lots of work to go but it's getting there...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by Zoey-Mae

The Truth About "state Of The Union" Speeches - American Politics Become More Meaningless Each Passing Day

John Chuckman EXPANSION OF A COMMENT POSTED TO AN ARTICLE IN INVESTMENTWATCH "Nation Worried About Having No Idea What’s Going On If There’s No State Of The Union Address" Quit...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by chuckman

Toronto Deep Freeze 2019

Tell Catherine McKenna it is GLOBAL COOLING not warming...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by wesleyonrot

Sorry, I Have To Quit Again....

DONE...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by FedUpToHere


...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by DJillian

Missed your Flight?

Well, don't just sit there... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by jeremygibbs

The Skid Steer Saga :)

This is how we measure snow fall now. How High is it on Charlie? This is the Charlie Snow Plow effect. We were headed out to do chores together yesterday morning. Here is the gang of mules. I have be...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by LouieLouie

Ravioli Formioli

My nights have been lonely. But I'm in the process of getting useto it. I enjoy my alone time. I can light a candle, cook my own food, burn incense, blast music, talk to myself, sleep naked. But...... Read More
Posted 2 days ago by awwwnikki


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